Thursday, December 29, 2005

feeling lucky

I am finally waking up.

I looked out with these eyes and finally, for the first time,
I noticed the curve and shadow of every cloud,
how they swayed, slight and subtle, then dissolved
into the air I breathed.

I noticed how the sun slanted in,
warm on my skin like the caress of a god,
feeling that caress mingle with tears
of knowing…
of kindness…

The Universe courses within me, without me.
I feel every droplet.
I am alive.

Grateful for fear, yet calm in the knowledge
that I am subtly changing, awakening
to how I become the clouds and sunlight,
how I am fading, dissolving, becoming each thing,
and how I am those things already…
how when the obstacle of time is removed,
the clouds are my conscious thoughts
and the sunlight on my face
is my own hand.

Monday, December 12, 2005

you are here...

Drab beige tiles cascade along past banks of blue berber carpeting,
through canyons of gray steel siding and white particle-board podiums,
beneath a sky of painted tin murals and woven fiber sculptures.

This river of bored whimsy has a different song...

shoe heels & plastic wheels...

tiketa-ticketa-ticketa-ticketa SHKREET

Everyone here is passing, rushing, angry grimmacing,
listening, laughing, desparately running,
smiling, reading, haphazardly sleeping...

but never staying.

Miracle of miracles dancing un-noticed
launching us thousands of feet in the air
dwarfing the defiance of little Icarus
to touch ground again in places just as neutral,
almost the same.
Forgetable except for the occasional storm.

The places we were in while we were on our way to somewhere else.

Thousands are passing, all on our ways...
funerals, weddings, family reunions,
meetings, vacations,
lovers' arms, car shows... and home again.

I feel small as I stand, knowing I am on my way too.
For a moment, I've lost track of where I've been
and where I'm going,
suddenly aware of where I am.

Suddenly aware...

I am here.
I am here now.